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Mommy Jennifer Hudson Receives Her Hollywood Star!


Mommy Jennifer Hudson Receives Her Hollywood Star! Son David Daniel was in the audience cheering her on as she wore a beautiful white dress to the celebrated occasion!

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5 Great Ways To Generate Second Incomes Online

In this economic climate, many people are having difficulty finding a perfect job that is engaging, fun, of interest to the employee, and still pays him or her what he or she needs to get by. Therefore, many people are finding jobs within the industry of his or her interest, and then looking for ways to supplement his or her income. There are many ways that people are finding to gain a second income; however, some of the methods that people are using are leaving them with little to no free time to enjoy their new cash flow. There are ways for people to make more money on the side, without risking the complete loss of their social life. This is through the use of online sources in order to make the money necessary to handle financial obligations, and to have the time left over to enjoy living. The top five ways for people to supplement their income online is through the optimization of online copywriting, publishing, B2B writing, travel writing, and web writing.

If you are looking for a way to supplement your income without sacrificing all of your free time, then you should consider taking up a career in online copywriting. Online copywriting is a great way to make extra money and still have time for social events. You can partner with various online companies and make as much money as you would like to on top of your salary. This type of work can be utilized to whatever degree you feel comfortable engaging to. The amount of hours that you have available in your day are the amount of hours that you can work. Typically you will be compensated according to your skill and experience level. There are other avenues of online writing, and one of them is publishing. Publishing companies need to contract people to help edit, read, revise, and proofread work on a daily basis. If you feel comfortable providing publishing professionals with these types of services then you can supplement your income by working this online income route. However, if you do not feel comfortable with the publishing options, you can always use your business sense to write for B2B needs. Business to business writing can be a great way for you to use your previously established business skills and writing ability to make money writing about what you love. This is the same for travel writing. Who does not love to travel and see the world? Well, you can make your vacation double as a second income. Write interesting keyword enabled pieces about the places that you have been and you can make money while you vacation. Finally, you can also work as a web writer, where your responsibilities will be wide and far.

If you are looking for a second income, then you can use the Internet to help you make the money that you are looking for. Through the optimization of online copywriting, publishing, B2B writing, travel writing, and web writing, you can make that second income and still have time for fun!


Pregnant Actress Teresa Palmers Talks About Her Celebrity baby Bump!


Pregnant Actress Teresa Palmers Talks About Her Celebrity baby Bump! In the recent issue of Who Magazine Teresa shares her love of life and excitement about her families future. Teresa also suggest that she wasted years obsessing about her body, weight and dieting before growing into motherhood!



Things You Can Do To Actually Look Forward To Tax Season

There are real and practical things that you can do to actually look forward to tax season. Perhaps they won’t generate the same level of enthusiasm that you have when looking forward to the holidays, but there is no good reason why something that happens every year at the same time has to always be so painful. There are some small changes you can start to make now that will help make tax time much less stressful. The first is to know why tax time hurts so much.

It’s not the money, it’s the surprise

For most people, it is not the money that is owed that is so painful as much as it is finding out how much is owed. Somewhere, in the back of our minds, we are aware of the potential impact our finances are going to have on our end of year tax accounting as we go. We have a general feeling about whether or not we will owe taxes by summer. The problem is, we hide from reality so instead of being able to plan and prepare for the bill, it is like a nightmare come true that rains down on our lives. Here is the first tip – make it your business to be aware of how much you owe, or the potential, throughout the year. This will help you plan for how to meet the bill so you aren’t left scrambling. Here are 3 tips on how to do this.

Tip #1 – Use technology to your advantage

Yes, there is nothing as good as paper record, but you are wasting your time and money if you are not using professional tax software and accounting programs throughout the year. More people miss deductions because they lack awareness of them when they do taxes the “paper way” then those who use an automated professional software program. These programs have all the rules and changes built in and can ask you questions to find out what you really can and should be deducting. The most common mistake people make in using tax software is they buy it and start using it in March. All of these programs have functions that let you use them, along with accounting software, throughout the year to keep yourself more organized and aware of how your taxes are looking.

Tip #2 – Get organized

Get organized for real. This means having time set aside on a regular basis each month to address taxes to make sure that everything is organized and filed correctly. Update your accounting software with new data and make sure to update the software itself too. As tax changes are released, the software will encode the changes and recalculate your projected taxes.

Tip #3 – Know what you owe

Don’t guess, calculate how much you owe throughout the year. You cannot plan for how to pay a tax bill unless you have a very good idea what that tax bill might be. Planning to pay doesn’t always mean finding the hard cash to cover the bill, it can mean finding additional deductions throughout the year to counterbalances what you are expecting to owe at the end of the year. Knowing what you owe will also tell you when you shouldn’t put in a deduction or exemption that can be extended into the next year. If you don’t really need to claim it in the current year because you don’t owe much, it may be better to save it for next year in case you wind up with a larger tax bill.

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Pregnant Rachel Zoe And Gwen Stefani Compare Celebrity Baby Bumps!


Fashion diva Rachel Zoe and rocks star Gwen Stefani were all baby bumps while looking fabulous at the Annenberg Center event in Beverly Hills this week! The two mothers-to-be compared baby bumps in a picture together and looked so cute!!


Third time’s a charm for pregnant celebrities

There are a number of celebrities out there at the moment who are definitely family-friendly. They don’t just go for the token baby or even a nice pair of kids. These celebs are serious parents and on their way to having their third baby during the next year.


Actress Thandie Newton has confirmed that she and her husband Ol Parker are expecting their third child. He or she will be a younger brother or sister to their other children Ripley, 12 and Nico, 8. Perhaps Thandie is hoping that the third pregnancy will bring her a little girl.


Singer Gwen Stefani is also expecting her third baby sometime soon. She and husband Gavin Rossdale have confirmed that 43 year old Gwen is pregnant. Last year in an interview she said that she’d been wanting another baby for a while – it looks like things have gone the way she hoped.


Actress Kate Winslet has announced her third baby is due. She married Ned Rocknroll only six months before announcing that they were having a baby. It will be their first baby together, but Kate already has two children – Mia and Joe. Kate and Ned’s baby is due at the end of the year.


Dawson’s Creek star James Van Der Beek and his wife Kimberley are due to have their third baby in the winter. They didn’t go public on the news until Kimberley was five months pregnant.


Whatever these celeb couples are hoping for in their third children – boys or girls – there’s one thing that’s for sure with babies; there are no guarantees that you’ll get what you want! Statistics show that there’s a 51/49 boy/girl ratio of babies born in the States, which is a little more clear cut than whether you’re going to win the lottery – a 1 in 116 million chance in the Euromillions draw!! Still, if you are planning to buy a ticket, you’d be advised to buy it online at Lottoland where there’s a

money back guarantee on any losing tickets in your first purchase – you can’t ask for a fairer deal than that!


Kim Kardashian’s New Baby Stroller Cost As Much As A Trip To Hawaii!


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are already buying the best for  beautiful little baby North! Baby North’s new stroller alone cost over $940!  and the family has been buying lavish gifts since Kim’s daughter was born! Of course it will be a lot of fun to watch the new Kardashian grow up!!


Find The Best Athletic Shoes For The Family

When it comes to finding shoes for the family, you can find the best deals online! Many times having a big family can lead to a big hunt for shoes! The children need shoes for school and play and the adults need shoes for work and exercise. Now you can find all your shoes in one place on the Internet. Whether you need track shoes, athletic shoes, sandals, womens new balance walking shoes, you can find them with the hottest deals on popular shoe websites! The other problems are finding the right size of shoes. You can go to your local mall and you will find shoes that you like. Unfortunately many times the shoes you like have not been made in your size. The wonderful thing about a shoe website is that you can order your size and have your shoes custom-made. It is also quicker to purchase all of your shoes in one place so that you save time. Before the Internet you would’ve had to drive to 10 different places to find shoes that fit your children and then to another that were made for adults. You can also keep up with the hottest shoe clearance sales and the new Shoes styles to keep in trend. Make your life easier and shop online for your next pair shoes.


Improving Your Credit Score!

When you want to purchase very important and expensive things in life, you have to have a good credit score! Unfortunately life throws us curve balls and we can’t always have the best credit scores. Fortunately there are ways on How To Improve Your Credit Score. Your credit score can give you a peace of mind and the ability to have access to anything you want to purchase. The credit score varies from 300 to 900. A low credit score can restrict opportunities when trying to purchase some very important items in life such as real estate and car loans. A high credit score can give you access to credit cards, bank loans and real estate loans. To learn how to gain the power to improve your credit score there are E-books available to teach you online. You can now purchase a free e-book to learn this information at the website  “E Title Loan.” With this free E-book you will learn the process and power of improving your credit score! With the education you will learn with this free E-Book you will save yourself hours of time and money knowing that your future decisions will be based on the right information. This free E-book will help strengthen your financial future and give you the peace of mind you deserve!


The History Of The Most Comfortable Chairs!
Since the beginning of time man has looked for ways to have a comfortable way to sit.  This led to the birth of the chair. Now what we believe of as simply a chair, turns out to be of much more importance hundreds of years ago. In the ruins of ancient Egypt archaeologists have discovered highly designed chairs made of ebony and ivory. These are not your standard office chairs. The chairs appear to be carved out of gilded wood and covered in expensive materials. The legs of these chairs were made from legs of animals that were captured during ancient times. The Egyptians had a belief that chairs had to represent natural beings in order to keep chaos from happening in their universe. They were afraid of creating artificial objects that were against there religion. Poor people did not sit in chairs hundreds of years ago. rather, they sat on the floor and on expensive rugs. A hand built chair was considered a luxury item. From Greek to Chinese beliefs many different cultures had their own designs for chairs. The Greeks created chairs over seven centuries ago for their God Zeus. It is also believed that the first chair came to China via India as a form of Buddhist monastic furniture. At the time of the chairs arrival, the Chinese preferred to sit in a lotus position on sitting floor mats. In the 18th century the English began to make chairs out of Rosewood and Chestnut. They would then style the chairs with elegant materials and stain the wood.

Finally in the 19th century during 1859 a famous artist named Michael Thonet created the Bistro chair. Its simplicity and simple design are still being used today. The days of heavy-handed craftsmanship with hours of detail has been reduced to the simplicity of building a chair for everyday use. chairs today are made from many different materials. Whether you’re using a folding chair, mold plastic chairs, ergonomic chairs or recliners you can be sure these chairs are made for the ease and simplicity of the 20th century lifestyle.